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KRUNG THAI EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED has been established in April 2, 2518 by Mr. Narong Pong-acha and Siblings. Equipped with more than 42 years of experience, our company has been served an Industrial from small to larger scale such as PTT CHEM., SCG, etc.

Our company has longed been the Authorized Distributor for more than 30 years from Japanese and European Products.  We have strongly believed that we are one of the leading company to provide industrial goods and services in Thailand and been accepted from our loyal customer in many fields and applications such as,

  • Manufacturing ie. Oil Refinery, Electricity Generating facility, Petro-chemical, Textile, Rubber, Sugar, Fertilizer, Food and Beverage, Paper, Cement, Building and Construction, Automobile, Electronic Appliances and Equipment, Metal and Alloy, etc.
  • Public Utility and Air conditioning Systemie.Hotel and Resort, Office building, Residences, Commercial Building, Community Mall, Hospitals etc.
  • Installation System ie. Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M), Machinery

Our business objectives is to build and mold a sincerely strong long-term relationship with our allies in order to connect the effective network and channels to enhance our ability to catch up with Dynamic Future Trend.

About us

Krungthai  Equipment Company Limited  is an Authorized Distributor of  well-known Brand for Industrial products  such as

Japanese Brand

§  TOYO (Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Ball Valve, Strainer and Butterfly Valve)

§  TLV ( Steam Trap, Pressure Reducing Valve, Sight Glass, Cyclone Separator, Air Trap, Air vent, Trapman for Measuring steam leakage, etc.

§  VALQUA ( Non-Asbestos Gasket, Envelope Gasket, Spiral Wound Gasket, etc.

§  VENN (Pressure Reducing Valve, Solenoid Valve, Temperature Regulating Valve, Expansion Joint, etc.

European Brand

§  RB ( Brass Ball Valve; full bore or reduced bore type, Check Valve, Foot Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Cock Valve.

§  EFFAST ( UPVC: Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve, Foot Valve, Check Valve )


Our Mission :

§  Fulfill customers need and be satisfied with our products and services.

§  Keep on doing beyond customers expectation.

§  Create and trustworthy relationship with customers & alliance to sustain a strength and long term relationship.


§  Balancing our life and work properly to stay in good shape in the long run for Public and ourselves.

Companys profile


Address (Head Office) : 1622 KrungKasem Rd., Pom-Prab, Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok 10100

Companys capital : 40,000,000 Baht




Address : 6 Sukhapiban2 Soi11 Yaek2-1 Prawet,Bangkok10250

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     Address : 6 Sukhapiban 2 Soi11 Yaek2-1Prawet, Bangkok10250

    Tel : 02-7265055-8  Fax :  02-7265059


Joint Venture Partners

1.   TSUBAKO KTE Co., Ltd.

2.   Valqua Industries (Thailand) Ltd.