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TOYO VALVE CO., LTD. is a pioneer and the first valve producer in Japan.
From general households through Industrial usage, TOYO VALVE CO., LTD. supports various needs through the wide, high quality product range. 

TOYO VALVE CO., LTD., with a long history and experiences of company, continuously offers high-quality products and various services through the products of TOYObrand. In order to enhance the service and brand, in 2004, TOYO VALVE CO., LTD. has become the subsidiary of KITZ CORPORATION, and authorized KITZ CORPORATION and its subsidiaries to sell the TOYObrand products of TOYO VALVE CO., LTD. in overseas market.  With our long-term closed relationship over 40 years, until TOYO has completely become part of Kitz Corporation.

We, KRUNG THAI EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. will be continuously serving good quality product and services under brand TOYO with fully great supported of KITZ CORPORATION, Generation to Generation.

Imported Product range of TOYO Brandare as below:-


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